We have vast experience in renovation and refurbishment projects, where we enhance old buildings with new contemporary features and services giving them a new life.


We do any construction or renovation activities that change the function, use or occupancy of existing physical space or eliminates/relocates services, utilities or architectural components. 


The scope of our renovation projects include interior renovation to residential, office or manufacturing building, an established mercantile building, façade work and others. They involve making improvements and introducing changes to existing buildings or facilities from the renovation, remodeling or renewal of structures, including partial demolition and reconfiguration or replacement of interior partitions with the object of restoring spaces to a good state of repair. These projects replace components in existing buildings with new/remodeled construction that changes the appearance, structure or form of the space to improve upon or transform the existing design and layout of rooms.


Building renovations include the demolition, installation, repair or replacement of building systems, devices, equipment and materials or parts for the purpose of regular building maintenance. 

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