Jordan Media Institute is a non-profit educational institution that aims to enhance the performance of journalists and media specialists in Jordan and the region.

We started working in 2009 on the renovation of the ground floor and the landscape, which were 950 square meters in area. The project included the dismantle of all existing facilities, working on new finishing works, creating external "Corian Marble” partitions, tiling works, "Taffouh Stone” facades, In addition to dry cladding, elevators wood cladding, creating refurbished customized restrooms, crating decorative ceiling, building audio studios based on applicable standard qualifications, and building meeting rooms, conference rooms, and a cafeteria.

Furthermore, landscaping works was executed including a big parking, a planting areas planted with wonderful trees, tile flooring, enter-lock tiles flooring, and a "Taffouh Stone” walking area.

In 2016, we worked on the renovation of the first floor, which included the removal of existing facilities, and creating new classrooms, and working also on high standard finishing works similar to the work done in the ground floor except cladding.